Born in Andalusia, south Spain, I relocated to the UK to look for opportunities. First in the film industry and later in videogames, trying to make the games that I loved playing growing up.

I studied arts by intuition, I wasn't sure what I was going to do since I was just a child but art was a beautiful world and the place where I wanted to stay. With it, I started with photography and later on I decided to study in a film school where I focused on cameras, film edition and post-production. After that, I moved to Reading, (UK) working in hospitality to pay the bills and then I moved London where without knowing the city, I started as a freelance looking for anything I could work for, for almost 5 years I develop my film editing and colorist skills to create all kinds of stories in feature films, docs and narrative content. In the last year I ended up in a big advertising company but it wasn't really what I wanted to do and following that, looking for what I can do next, I left my job, I kind of close myself at home and I started to study art for videogames on my own in a non-stop schedule. 9 months after that, I found my first job in the industry at Frontier Developments as Environment Artist.

One year later, I joined Firesprite, a PlayStation Studio where I worked already in 3 different titles, releasing Horizon Call Of The Mountain last February 2023. During my time here I have been working also in different departments; in Horizon I worked on some environments but also on the color of the whole game because of my previous experience in films and as a color grader, and now I'm helping the Cinematic team in our current AAA game for the same reason. Although I have been acquiring experience in all these different departments my focus is to build worlds and develop my game art and design skills, which is why I created this website, to learn, grow and share with the game dev community. I'm looking to grow as an artist and game developer.

When I go on a trip I always bring my camera with me, I'm not working as a photographer anymore but I like landscapes and urban pictures and I still doing it as a hobby. If you want to see some of those I use my instagram account for it:

Before even all that I just said, back in Spain, I also worked in theatres, concerts, events and film festivals. I won some awards for my short films and even some narrative contests. I was part of a couple of bands as a guitarist and when I was 13 years I created my own online radio station playing international and local rock/heavy metal music, doing also interviews with the bands (I appeared in the local news for that!) and a bit before that I had a Metroid Prime Hunter forum to make tournaments and record gameplays for youtube, before "gameplay" was a thing.

I felt like I had a few lifetimes, always doing different things and jumping from one project or thing to another or creating them from nothing when I had the time, I really enjoy creating. If my journey can be summed up in one thing, it is in storytelling, I'm always on my way to storytelling.


Firesprite Playstation 2021 - 2023
Positions held: Environment Artist, Color Grader and Cinematic Designer.
Worked on Horizon Call Of The Mountain, AAA Narrative Game, TBC.

Frontier Developments 2020 - 2021
Positions held: Environment Artist
Worked on F1 Manager 2022 Modeling

Freelance 2016 - 2020
Positions held: Camera Operator, Film Editor, Color Grader and Photographer.
Worked on feature film productions, videoclips, courses, and several independent projects. Old page: